NEPG Scholarship Program

Thanks to the generous contributions of our members NEPG is able to offer a limited number of scholarships, which are awarded at the discretion of NEPG. To be eligible you must be in early recovery or coming back from a relapse, be under-employed due to the consequences  of addiction, and not be a previous scholarship recipient.

Scholarships cover registration fees and CME's. Each recipient is responsible for the costs of transportation, non-included meals, and extracurricular activities. Depending on donations received, additional scholarships may become available for lodging (room shared with one or more scholarship recipients, or with their spouse/significant other, if applicable). Accommodations for dependent children will be in the room with their parent(s).

Recipients will be asked to assist with the conference. This is a great way to meet colleagues and become involved.

For those who shop on Amazon consider using Amazon Smile:  Amazon will donate a small portion of each purchase through Smile to NEPG by using the following link:

Tax Deductable Scholarship Donations Accepted